Your Healing Journey

The Journey to Healing and Discovery of Self

Often, clients begin their healing process from a state of crisis – it may be due to relationship crisis, emotional issues (eg – depression), physical dis-ease or physical trauma. And just as often, the process begins simply with an interest in personal and spiritual growth. Regardless of motivating factors, it is never too late to begin the process of self-discovery and healing.

The healing journey can take many forms and paths. Typically, a client will start by describing what is happening while Sharon tunes in to his or her energy. She then clears blockages she encounters and works intuitively – sometimes giving verbal guidance based on intuition. If there is physical pain present, it may be reduced at this time. If there is dis-ease, healing may be sped up. Sharon receives inner guidance about which modalities to recommend, sometimes referring clients to other practitioners when appropriate.

Commitment to the healing process is necessary; it has taken time to manifest the issues and problems, and it will take time to change that path. Also, the energetic work builds with each session. The body’s chi is retrained, as are thought patterns and habitual actions. New, positive habits and responses are developed. This investment in the self is profound and can be life altering.

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